Editing Services


MACRO EDIT: This service covers an overarching look at the manuscript. It will address logical issues, story elements, and other rudimentary nuances of craft. There are few marginal comments and more global comments at the end. The expected turn around time for Macro Edits is far less than for Line and Copy edits. The price for Macro Edits is $3 per page.

LINE EDIT: This service covers a comprehensive reading of your manuscript with special attention paid to the craft of the piece. This is best for early drafts of your manuscript that you feel might need some structural and craft changes. The understanding of these manuscripts is that they will undergo significant revisions, and thusly a close attention to every grammatical mistake is unnecessary. Because this edit takes less time, the cost is only $5 per page.

COPY EDIT: This service covers grammatical corrections line by line. It is best for relatively clean manuscripts that are largely ready to send out for publication. Because of the intensity of the work involved, the cost is $7 per page.

MENTORSHIPS: This service covers an ongoing professional relationship where I mentor you over a given period of time, usually done quarterly (three months). This is best for new writers who wish to learn the rudimentary elements of fiction (and/or poetry). However, veteran writers can also benefit from elevating their level of prose. At the beginning of each quarter, we will work together to structure a contract that will best guide your learning. Upon completion of said contract, we can choose to continue the mentoring relationship. Each mentorship will be specifically tailored to each writer. Payment for this service varies depending on the intensity of the contract, the hourly demands, and the writer’s budget. Please contact me for more information.

All prices are negotiable. Please contact me at adgansky@msn.com for more information.


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