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To those of you who have purchased not purchased my books, you  may do so from this page. If you have already purchased and read my books, thank you. I hope you found them helpful and enjoyable. As always, Amazon reviews help authors more than you know. Please consider writing a short review of my books on Amazon. Thanks!


firsts in fictionFirsts in Fiction: First Lines

Admit it: you’ve gone to your local book store, picked up a book, and skimmed the opening page. Don’t be ashamed. You’re not alone. Now, as a writer, ask yourself this: if a casual consumer picked up your story, your novel, what would they think of your first line? Scary thought? If you’re a writer, chances are you’ve been stuck on how to craft an opening line. This book can help. Analyzing some of the greatest first lines in fiction can help us find the techniques the masters used in creating some of the most enduring lines in literature. But more than just a simple analysis, this book will show you how to compress things like character, conflict, voice, and setting into a line that will embody an entire work, and immediately establish your authority as a writer. After reading this book, you’ll have the confidence and tools to craft a first line that will make editors and casual consumers stand up and take notice. And regardless of the words you choose to use, your first lines will say, very loudly, very proudly, “This is a book you have to read.”


write to be heardWrite to Be Heard (with Diane Sherlock)

Learning one skill will improve everything you write. Ready? Here it is: Write like you talk That’s it? Yes, that’s it. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s a skill and like any skill, it can be learned and with some practice, you can master it. What’s in it for me, you ask? First, writing will be easier, less of a chore. Instead of fighting the page, you will sound like you. You might even find you really like to write. Who knows. You might have a story inside you that other people really need to read. Topics include tips on: Voice Character Plot Structure Dialog Conflict Sensory Elements Setting Beginnings Endings


an affair to forgetAn Affair to Forget

For fifteen years, Caleb hid his affair from his wife. She was far too fragile to handle the news well. But now that his mistress has passed on, he
must bring his 14 year old daughter home. Caught between responsibility and fear, Caleb must find a way to break the news to his wife without it killing her.




Brittner charactersThe Hand of Adonai and the Book of Things to Come

The first book in the Hand of Adonai series, The Book of Things to Come details the journey of four heroes in their quest to find their way back home from the magical world of Alrujah. The first step is to secure a copy of The Book of Things to Come, which will guide them to the powerful Book of Sealed Magic. But the book will not be easy to find, and the four will need to learn to put aside their differences and work together just to survive.


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